Scaramouche Restaurant Pasta Bar and Grill

Yesterday my lovely wife took me to Scaramouche for my birthday.  What a treat!

Before I begin, I should disclose that I once worked at Scaramouche some twenty years ago. And it hasn’t really changed at all since then. That’s a good thing. There’s a reason it has been on just about every reviewer’s top 5 restaurants list in Toronto for the last 30 years.  Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke.  Many reviewers comment about the outdated 80’s decor. It’s true that it hasn’t really changed in all those years and maybe I just don’t have a clue about interior design, but to me it still looks great.  Besides, Scaramouche is a Toronto institution and I think that preserving the original look and feel reinforces this.

Situated in an unlikely location in the “basement” of an old apartment building perched on a hill, once you walk in, the spacious warm interior and fantastic view of the Toronto skyline comes as an unexpected surprise.

My wife and I shared all of our courses. We started with the Dungeness Crab Ravioli and Shellfish Platter.  Everything was executed to perfection – perfectly seared scallop was oh so tender as was were the clams, muscles and shrimp.  The ravioli (one large ravioli) was subtly delicious.  The sauces sitting at the bottom of each bowl were so addictive, if I weren’t sitting in such a fancy restaurant I would have drunk them right out of the bowl.

For our mains we had the Nova Scotia lobster and Fresh Homemade Pasta Sheets with Wild Mushrooms, Grilled Leeks and shaved Black Truffles. Again, all perfectly cooked, seasoned and combined.

For dessert we shared a piece of the Coconut Cream Pie, a Scaramouche trademark dessert since forever.

In short, perfect execution and consistency from the service to the food to the well thought out and extensive wine list is what one can expect at Scaramouche on any given day.  The prices are steeper than what most of us are used to – our bill, including 3 glasses of the lower priced, though excellent Italian Pinot Bianco and a gin and tonic, cappuccino and tea was $225.  That would be about double and bit more than what one would pay at a restaurant such as, say, Milestones, but my wife and I agreed we would much rather eat at Scaramouche once than at an inferior restaurant three times.  All and all, a thoroughly satisfying restaurant experience.

Scaramouche is located at 1 Benvenuto Place in Toronto.

Some great recipes on their website.


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