Kensington Market, Toronto

Originally built in the 1880’s to house the newly arrived Scottish and Irish labourers, “The Market” endures as an entryway community into Canada for successive waves of working class immigrants from all over the world.

Over the decades, Toronto’s Kensington Market developed an enduring and unique sub-culture, with its own successive waves of hippies, new agers, punks and goths, Rastafarians, artists and whatever it is the kids are doing today.

I remember my first trip to The Market back in the early eighties, when I was in my early teens.  My friend and I went looking for cheap “dessert boots”, which were very new wave at the time.

There was a tingling excitement as we entered this counterculture mecca. It was a world apart.

In 2006, Kensington Market was designated a National Historic Site of Canada.

The Market is known for its restaurants and bars and its old world style outdoor market of clothing, produce, meats, fish, cheese and hard to find, exotic ingredients from around the globe.

Some stores are trendy.  Others, not so much.

If you come to visit Toronto, particularly in the summer months when there is a vehicle restricted “pedestrian Sunday” on the last Sunday of the month, you must visit Kensington Market.

All photos taken on an unseasonably beautiful day in Toronto on February, 2012, by me, Nebojsa.


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  1. Sarah

    Fantastic photographs! I love this!

  2. Love the first shot. Price tag!

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