Hello!  My name is Nebojsa Novakovic and I am a Personal Chef and Caterer in Toronto, Canada.  I’m also a crossfit and weightlifting enthusiast and a news junkie – but that’s for another blog.

I grew up in a household with a very loving mother who, unfortunately, was a horrible cook.  Once I started making a buck of my own and going out to restaurants I discovered that, lo and behold, food could be really amazing!  That was the beginning of my foodie journey.  Some twenty odd years later, here I am, sharing what I love with the world.

My goal here is to create a sight where you the visitor, by reading and executing the detailed recipes, will obtain a solid foundation in the culinary arts.  I attempt to explain the reasoning behind many of the steps, and the tips and tricks section as well as other discussions about food, cooking, ingredients, etc. are provided to help you further deepen your knowledge of food and cooking.  I hope you enjoy!


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